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How is Genetic Worth calculated?

What is the cost of using VSOC seed?

What are the benefits of using VSOC seed?

Reduced overall silviculture costs:  Selecting improved seed has immediate and practical benefits for forest companies.  Using A Class seed from VSOC may reduce the overall area that requires mechanical site preparation, the need for larger stock, fertilizer, brushing and fill planting.  A Class seedlings, given the normal silviculture treatments in your area, will out perform wild seed planted in the same block.  Realized gain trials throughout the Interior are demonstrating the expected or better then expected gains from the Tree Improvement Programs of BC.  It only takes a small reduction in one of the treatments to make selecting A Class seeds a good economic choice.

Insect and disease tolerance:  For sites that have increased risk of insect or disease attacking your regenerating stands, choosing a specialty VSOC seedlot that has been selected for tolerance, can give your company an increased ability to meet its free growing obligations.

Reduced operational uncertainty:  Purchasing seed from VSOC is more reliable than searching for uncertain wild cone crops that have no gains in growth.  Often, our seed will be in your control within hours, to be sent to the nursery on the same day that you order it.

Shorter time to reach free growing:  The faster growth of A Class seed will also reduce the time your cutblocks take to achieve free growing.  Reducing the time to achieving free growing has real benefit to your company’s bottom line.  For example, in the short time that A Class Spruce seed has been available , companies have walked away from blocks sooner knowing their responsibilities are completed.  Some companies are looking at lowering the stems/ha for initial planting as more seedlings are coming through the final stock surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a sample calculation to determine the cost per hectare of using A Class Spruce Seed.  Figures shown were prepared by an independent analyst using Ministry of Forests Annual Reports:

350,000 seeds/kg / $4,400/kg = $.0125 / seed

1600 seedlings/ha * Nursery over sow factor of 1.4 = 2240 seeds

Cost / Ha = $28.00/ha

Compare this cost to the cost of other silviculture treatments:

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