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In 2010, our second orchard location became a reality – VSOC Quesnel Seed Orchard!

Early in the spring, using prepared orchard maps which layout the planting to be completed, our VSOC and Quesnel crew prepared the two orchards for planting.  Soon, truckloads of grafted trees arrived and were sorted for distribution into each orchard.  Next, according to the planting plan developed over the winter, our planting contractor began planting.  Both the Prince George and Bulkley Valley orchards were planted in 2012.

At times, development of both orchards had some small challenges.  Graft PH levels from the Vernon potted stock, along with high boron levels from the pulp sludge which applied to the orchard soils, made it necessary for the inclusion of peat moss for each planting spot.  Because of this, growth and survival in 2012 has improved within each orchard.

Orchards for development are:  SPU #12 – Prince George & SPU #17 – Bulkley Valley.  Grafting of the Lodgepole Pine orchard is almost complete and will be ready for the third phase of planting in early spring 2013.  The orchard size for PG is 6500 ramets and BV is 4000 ramets.  Grafting for our third orchard, the Central Plateau SPU #18, is well underway and scheduled for completion over a three year period.


 The first and second planting of the Bulkley Valley Orchard

VSOC is taking vital steps to supply seed for the northern planning programs.  The orchards were first established in Vernon but the ramets did not produce well in the heat of the Okanagan.  We believe this Quesnel site is the best place for these zones to produce quantities of quality seed.  When the orchards are in full production, we will produce seed for over 15 million seedlings annually.  We will keep you posted as the Quesnel site is developed.


Trees are in a naturally regenerated area that required thinning to promote growth and flowering in the future.  VSOC will manage this area for the next 15 years to aid in supplying seed for the Central Interior planning programs.  

Oie Lake has been identified as a superior growth and Gaul Rust resistant seed production area.  The seed is in demand because of its wide spread area of use - from north of Prince George to south of 100 Mile House.

Lodgepole pine trees within the Oie Lake B+

Area that are thinned for seed production

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